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Do you want to ignite the passion needed to win fruitful sales opportunities?

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... if you want to optimise sales success you need to develop and inspire your people.

With over 25 years’ experience in successful sales and coaching, Jeremy Jacobs redefines the art of sales. He knows how to close new business, avoid common sales mistakes, and ignite new energy, passion and hustle in sellers.


Through sales seminars and personalized team and individual coaching, Jeremy shares his industry knowledge that will help salespeople define and execute sales goals, create strategies to capitalize on sales opportunities, and build self-confidence in salespeople to bring in new business and actively win sales.

Seminars and coaching will help sellers:

  Successfully close new business with integrity

  Uncover and overcome limiting beliefs around selling

  Effectively communicate ideas and insights to positively influence the buyer

  Understand buyers and the psychology of buying

  Overcome objections that may get in the way of a sale

  Tap into unused talents to maximize success

  Lead effective sales conversations from prospecting to closing

  Avoid common sales mistakes and reduce buyer push-back


Sales News & Views

Jeremy Jacobs talking with a client

Aim High

When setting personal or business goals, think big. Don’t settle for moderate success – aim high!  

Jeremy Jacobs Sales Speaker

Friday Motivational Quote

Noticed this earlier on another social media platform, courtesy of Peter Ray. Peter is the son of one of my boyhood footballing hero’s. That’s soccer if you’re reading this in the United States! Having a positive mindset along with a “can-do” attitude is key if you want to succeed in life and sales!     […]


Time To Get On The Phone

Over the summer months, it’s so easy to ease up on prospecting. Many salespeople think that just because the weather is warm and the school holidays are approaching, there’s little point in picking up the phone. After all, who’s going to be around in July and August? Well, many people are around at that time […]