How To Be Your Own Rainmaker

Selling successfully is about getting in tune with your customer at each touching point.

Applying over two decade's worth of B2B sales experience, I am excited to provide this new offering. In a marketplace saturated with sales training seminars I have strived to produce a programme that cuts through to the heart of the problem and that is NOT like the others.

Rather than discussing a framework, we will attempt to put ourselves into your customer's shoes and your competitor's vision, to gain insight on how you can better position your own products/services.

2019 is going to be a great year for those with the right skills to maximise on the sales opportunities available. However, we know that selling doesn't come naturally to everyone.

Building self-confidence and developing a good understanding of sales psychology are cornerstones of the workshops. Designed to assist salespeople and non-sales professionals alike gain an edge by creating powerful strategies, developing communication skills and securing buyers' commitment which, if applied, will result in winning new business.

Being a rainmaker is not about the application of magic. There is a two-step process: