Leading Teams - the secrets to best practice leadership

18th June 2019

Leading Teams - the secrets to best practice leadership Flyer
Event Venue: Buckinghamshire New University
Event Date Start: 18-06-2019

Gloria Moss of The Sales Rainmaker is one of the speakers at this exciting event on June 18th. To reserve your place, enter your details here  You will be able to purchase a copy of her latest book "Inclusive Leadership" published by Routledge, April 2019. Here is the synopsis of the book:


In 2012, A Government report showed that 75% of British organisations have a deficit of leadership, with similar results emerging from the US too.  Strangely, as this new book shows, it is Britain that is leading the way with a solution.This best kept secret is Inclusive Leadership, a style that can turn a good organisation into a great one and elevate a country’s GDP if politicians adopt this style too.  For, the book shows how it enhances employee productivity, motivationand mental well-being in addition to customer satisfaction.   

A British success story and a boost to Brexit 

At a time when Britain’s ability to stand on its own two feet is derided, we learn of several British organisations and leaders who have been exemplary in their leadership.  These include Royal Mail Sales, PageGroup, Network Rail and the top independent school for 2018 and 2008, Sevenoaks, all headed or assisted by visionary individuals.  Other outstanding individuals include Alex Ferguson and Lord Marshall with Ferguson, in his 26 years as Manchester United Manager achieving twice as many domestic and international trophies as the next-most-successful English football team manager.  Colin Marshall, meanwhile, turned round the fortunes of British Airways in the 1990s and created a workplace that led a former Customer Service Manager to speak of Marshall’s tenure as creating ‘the best working years of our lives’. 

Thumbs down for the country’s leadershipParliament meanwhile, is anything but inclusive.  Not only does the PM exercise a Command and Control style of leadership (see http://tinyurl.com/y4uujpt8) in which the views of Ministers, parliament and the people are completely ignored.   No surprise therefore that in the three months to November 2018, GDP slowed from growth of 0.4% to 0.3%, with a further drop to growth of 0.2% in the three months to January 2019.  To put this in perspective, American GDP grew by 3.1% in 2018.

The way forward move away from Command and Control provides the solution, with Inclusive Leadership (IL) unleashing tremendous productivity, engagement and innovation amongst employees as well as amongst organisations’ customers, be they students or purchasers of other products and services.  Why is this?  Quite simply, IL creates a culture and mindset that is focused on others – a so-called ‘Diversity Mindset’ - and this will shape products and services that has really appeal to customers.  

To continue with Command and Control is to stultify and stop growth; to move to inclusive leadership is to open the doors to a world of possibilities.


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