Is 'Sales' an oxymoron?

A sale implies an exchange. Every day there are lost opportunities. The reasons appear to be legion. In fact failure is down to a mismatch of expectations. People and organisations want to buy to satisfy a perceived need but they also find it hard to part with money. The need must satisfy a vast range of criteria sometimes in a few microseconds or at other times after exhaustive analysis of the value exchange over a long period of time.

Consumers’ behaviours are changing and evolving very fast due to revelations from neuroscience, behavioural psychology and the evolving nature of the digital interface.

People now recognise trickery and getting your customer or client to just say ‘yes’ is rebounding on those sorts of salesmen. It may have worked at one time but buyers are much wiser to the sleight of hand techniques.

Many organisations rely on opinion to drive their business decisions which then drives their customers' experience. In contrast companies like Amazon are using some fundamental behavioural science to get people to buy. The B2B market space has often been slow to copy these powerful methods.

Sales is a skill that can be learnt. The Good News is that we now understand the psychological barriers to becoming a great sales person. The Bad News is that you won’t find the answers in old books or on the internet. Each person approaches sales differently, which is why we offer a one-to-one training method which is directed at your abilities. Personal training is the gold standard.

JJ is one of those rare original thinkers who also has been at the sharp edge of selling across a lifetime. He can teach you what works in today’s world and share insights about the future of sales. His methods work and are constantly evolving. Call him now on 020 3303 3172 and book a free 22 minute chat with him. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn. Or, if you prefer, complete the form below or send an e-mail.

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