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If you're reading this then you're probably struggling a little with getting sales. I've been around the sales profession for over two decades and have seen the 'changes'. Today some people hope that selling will be automated. People believe that technology or fancy support systems like corporate videos will do the heaving lifting for them.

Actually the introduction of self-service was early automation. It's nothing new we just have many more channels to market today. Websites can bring you leads but conversion needs convincing. Rescuing failing sales does need humans. People still buy from people. You may be a Millennial and in the early years of your sales journey, or in later life making the transition from 'non-sales' professional to entrepreneur.

Today, I want you to join me on a journey to address the problems and discover solutions which will help you win sales against strong competitors. Just like a multi-step sales process there’s complementary actions which you must take to be successful. Just for the moment let's look back at history and see what you would have been told to do had you been on the sales force. Perhaps the most popular 'system' has been Neil Rackham's the SPIN system. It was ground breaking in the 1980's when first published and over the ensuing decades it provided a substantial methodology for many people. For those of you who never investigated it the acronym stood for Situation, Problem, Implication and Need Payoff.

In a simpler age before the Internet this worked really well because when you had the buyer in front of you, you asked Situational Questions which was about data-gathering questions about facts and background followed by the problem questions. You then had in your hands the issues that needed your solution. In 2019, and in the future, your clients can use the Internet to learn everything about a market space and the choices it offers, so you need to be able to give them something different that they don't yet know. To do that effectively you need to understand a few things about how the human brain works. Learn More

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So You Think You’re An Expert

There’s an awful amount of loose language on social media nowadays. I’m referring to the written word rather than the latest cool argot on Facebook Live or similar. Surprisingly, the business platform LinkedIn is where you can find casual use of certain words and phrases that have lost their meaning because they are so over-used. The worst […]


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A day at the seaside, for most of us anyway, is relaxing, enjoyable and allows those negative ions to permeate our bodies. As long as one doesn’t over-indulge then you should come away from the coast feeling invigorated and ready to take on whatever challenges we face at work or home. If your trip to the seaside […]

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How Will Brexit Affect Your Sales?

Not an opinion piece by me but a question posed on my Sales Rainmaker Facebook Business Page. It got many replies….Some political, some business orientated, many rude comments, several negative but many more positive. Perhaps things will change as we head toward the next deadline. Here’s a selection of the more upbeat ones……. “I’d like […]


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... if you want to optimise sales success you need to develop and inspire your people.

With over 25 years’ experience in successful sales and coaching, Jeremy Jacobs redefines the art of sales. He knows how to close new business, avoid common sales mistakes, and ignite new energy, passion and hustle in sellers.


Through sales seminars and personalized team and individual coaching, Jeremy shares his industry knowledge that will help salespeople define and execute sales goals, create strategies to capitalize on sales opportunities, and build self-confidence in salespeople to bring in new business and actively win sales.

Seminars and coaching will help sellers:

  Successfully close new business with integrity

  Uncover and overcome limiting beliefs around selling

  Effectively communicate ideas and insights to positively influence the buyer

  Understand buyers and the psychology of buying

  Overcome objections that may get in the way of a sale

  Tap into unused talents to maximize success

  Lead effective sales conversations from prospecting to closing

  Avoid common sales mistakes and reduce buyer push-back